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Wireless RF Indoor Access Control Receiver - 356-8011

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Wireless RF Indoor Access Contol Receiver

Wireless RF Indoor Access Control Receiver - 356-8011

The 356-8011 is a wireless black RF receiver designed for access control. The receiver is powered up by wiring a power supply and then simply wiring your receiver to your maglock, strike, or drop bolt. The compatible components with this receiver, the 8009/8010 keypad and 8013/8014 exit button, allow for a complete access control system within minutes. You can install this product on any type of wall with either screws or double sided tape.

  • Keep in mind that the only compatible models that will work with this receiver are the 356-8010, 356-8009 Wireless Keypad/Reader and the 356-8013, 356-8014 Wireless Exit Button. This receiver is not compatible with no other devices.

This product has a 3 year warranty with full access to tech support in the USA!


  • Available Colors: Black (356-8011) – White (356-8012)


  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC ±20%
  • Idle Current: ≤20uA
  • Working Current: ≤40mA
  • Communication Frequency: 2.4G
  • Communication Distance: 15m Maximum (50 feet)
  • Relay Contact Load: 2Amp Maximum
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C~60°C (-4°F~140°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 0%~86%RH
  • Physical: ABS Shell
  • Dimensions: 65L × 54W × 19D (mm) - 2.55L x 2.12W x 0.74D (in.)
  • Unit Weight: 40g


Wireless RF Indoor Access Control Receiver - 356-8011 manual Wireless RF Indoor Access Control Receiver - 356-8011 datasheet