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Circular Bulk wire Speed Port with Grommet 2" Hole - 008-150

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Circular Bulk wire Speed Port with Grommet 2" Hole - 008-150

Universal Cable Pass Thru & Wall Anchor System

The SPEED PORT is the first universal cable pass thru, fastening and wall anchor system. The SPEED PORT is incredibly versatile and is ideal for wall mounted box speakers, sound bars and wireless access devices mounted in ceilings. It can accommodate almost any device needed to be hung on a wall or ceiling with cable pass thru and mounting. The ultra low profile design features a rubber grommet insert for bulk cable pass thru. Two mounting screws are hidden behind the grommet and offer a clean, unobtrusive presentation.

Installation is quick and simple using a hole saw and attaches to acoustical ceiling tiles and/or gypsum board. Low voltage brackets are no longer needed - reducing labor and a whole lot of mess from hand cutting large rectangular holes. Just cut your hole in the desired location, insert SPEED PORT and tighten adjustable mounting arms to fasten securely.

Unmatched versatility, ease of installation and its cost/labor reducing features make the SPEED PORT the ideal solution for your cable pass thru and mounting needs.


  • Use for any Low Voltage Cabling, A/V, Telecom, Data, Networking
  • Ideal for:
    • Sound Bars & Wall Speakers
    • Home Theater Cabling
    • A/V Furniture